Our Flagship Portable

The most outstanding features of the Maxim 3000 

are its ultra smooth walls, sleek appearance, and

spacious interior. With no ledges to collect dust,

debris or waste, the Maxim 3000 stays clean longer

than any other restroom. The rounded interior creates

additional room and unique contoured tank provides

a more comfortable sitting position for users.

In addition, the Maxim 3000 has two powerful

springs which hold the door shut, preventing

unwanted dirt from blowing into the cabana.

All in all, users find the Maxim 3000 to be an

attractive, spacious restroom with an overall clean


The Taurus is a great value. Standard on the Taurus are a mirror, corner shelf, three-roll toilet paper holder. Another nice feature is the hover handle. They say quality is found in the details and the Taurus has more than enough added features to ensure users will be pleased with its amenities and comfort. The Taurus is a large capacity restroom, Overall the Taurus is a high-performance restroom that satisfies even the more discriminate user.

A unique combination of durability and comfort is why users have made Tufway the most used restroom in the world. By design, the Tufway interior is built for user comfort. It has a spacious, well ventilated interior to reduce odors due to simple, yet important features. A combination of floor and molded-in wall vents facilitate continuous air flow. The seat is positioned at the furthest point from the urinal, away from odor and user’s direct sight. There is also a convenient door hook to hang a purse or jacket. Together, these features produce a more comfortable, pleasant experience for the user.

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