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Septic Tank Risers for new or retrofit System. Septic tank risers are an important part of any on-site treatment system. Risers allow easy access to septic or pump tanks in order to monitor system performance. Periodic maintenance costs are lowered due to easy accessibility to tanks. Yakima couty codes require risers on new installations. Septic Tank Risers can be adapted to both new and existing installations. FEATURES:· 6” height X 24” diameter or 12" height· Stackable· Injection molded, exceptionally strong. · HDPE is non-corrosive in a septic environment. · Molded-in lid gasket. No fighting with O-rings. · Tested to 10" vacuum. · Watertight. · Stackable. · Built-in gasket. · Simple to install. · Economical.

 Effluent Filter

The effluent filter works by prohibiting the passage of materials that may damage the long-term use of your on-site wastewater disposal system.  Many filters utilize microbial digestion to assist in filtering out harmful bacteria.  This occurs when a “biomat” of black “slime like” material builds up on the filter.  Within this biomat there are great numbers of bacteria digesting organisms that can reduce the concentrations of harmful bacteria. 

Inquire about various models available. Filters range in price and capabilities, so choosing the right filter is an important step in helping to extend the life of your septic system. 

New and Used Concrete Septic Tank Lids
are available in various sizes and shapes. We will need the top and bottom diagonal measurements (typical lid is tapered) as well as the thickness or height of the lid.